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Amazon Alexa & CareerPunk

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Get vocal with CareerPunks voice activated Amazon Alexa skill!

Inspire your day. Encourage your friends. Impress your boss.


Careerpunk Alexa


A dose of daily of motivation with dash of personal indictment, CareerPunk will inspire, insult, and invigorate your appetite for success!

The CareerPunk Alexa skill offers up original quotes and encouragement so you can improve your professional development and succeed where others won’t. This is no bullshit, kick-in-the-ass advice readily accessible simply by the sound of your voice.


You can say:

“Alexa, open CareerPunk”

“Alexa, ask CareerPunk for advice”

“Alexa, what’s CareerPunk say”


The CareerPunk skill draws insight and advice from the CareerPunk.com blog. Through an outsider’s perspective, learn ways to leverage your individuality in the corporate world and become 3x as successful because of it.

Careerpunk Alexa

Coming in late August, 2018


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