CareerPunk was launched in 2018 as a community for ambitious employees, new, existing, & aspiring people-managers, and anyone that’s ever felt a little out-of-place in the corporate world. This site is a growing collective of driven professionals from across the globe.

If you think the path to success shouldn’t discount individuality, than you’ll feel right at home here. Doing it your own way doesn’t mean doing it alone. I created CareerPunk because I want to help others become awesome managers and [punk]rockstar employees. 🤘🏼

This blog provides:

 Inspirational guidance and testimony for you to thrive within the corporate structure

 Step-by-step methodologies for being an outstanding and promotable employee

 Tactical advice for real-life on-the-floor managerial / co-worker challenges


No matter where you are in your career you can have a BIGGER impact.

When I realized what I wanted and the excuses I made that kept me from it, I wrote it all down… on a napkin. I became OBSESSED with conquering these obstacles.  [authentic napkin graphic below]

Who is CareerPunk for?

  • Outsiders, misfits, and the corporately challenged
  • Introverts, the under-confident and uncertain
  • Career-changers and new-to-the-workforcers
  • The bold, the aspirational, the different

Who identify as:

  • Entry-to-Mid level employees
  • New, Existing, and aspiring Managers
  • Punk Rockers with careerist tendencies

Who this blog is NOT for:

  • If you’re an Executive of tenure or a C-suite sweetheart, CareerPunk is technically not for you. I will implore you to share and contribute but know that our target audience is newer to the workforce, seeking to stand out, and/or ready to climb the ladder.
  • If you aren’t interested in bettering yourself as well as others, please leave now. Success begets success and transforming the stigma of cut-throat office politics is an essential part of finding purpose and happiness at work.  
  • If you’re a die-hard punk rocker but think that the very existence of CareerPunk is an oxymoron of disgraceful commercialization, you can kindly find the exits. Look, I get it. But subverting that notion is in and of itself a punk rock thing to do. I’m proud to be a career-punk because I’ve done it my own way. And will continue to.~

Origin Story

Years ago, I made the strangely hard decision to be happy. It meant selling a successful company that I co-founded to take a pay cut for an entry-level position at a brand new startup. My closest friends and family where not just skeptical, they were concerned. Starting over. In my thirties. To be a Customer Service Rep? And at a then unproven technology startup. Oh and did I mention my degree is in Theatre?

I didn’t have the resume to work in tech, or in any corporate setting for that matter. I’d never even sat in a cubicle before. I was an outsider and I didn’t fit in. But I wanted to be there more than anything. Luckily they felt the same. 🙂

Over the years, I’ve learned the peaks and pitfalls of success and failure including what it means to have amazing and not-so-amazing colleagues and empowering and not-so-empowering leaders. I went on to build multiple high-performing, highly successful teams. And while always learning, I have developed a unique perspective that I hope, will enable the next level of your career too.

Hi, my name is Brandon McConnell. I believe in Situational & Servant Leadership, Radical Candor, employee empowerment, and Democratic / Pacesetting Management approaches. I grew up in a small mountain town in Virginia and now live in Los Angeles, CA. I don’t claim to be mohawked, a bullet-belter, or anti-establishment but I do happen to like punk music. Its energy, individuality and right to expression. 

If you want to get in touch, shoot me an email at brandon@careerpunk.com

Career Punk Brandon McConnell
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