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Barely Safe For Work (BSFW) Gift Ideas for Coworkers

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Whether it be holiday time, a birthday, work anniversary, or general celebration we’ve all dreaded the decision of what to gift a coworker. Half the time, these gifts are only to keep up formalities and even end up feeling like an obligation rather than an endearing gesture. The problem is, a lame generic gift clearly shows the rest of the office you didn’t give a damn either. What’s an employee to do?

If you’re having trouble deciding on what to give, take a look at the suggestions below for some barely-safe-for-work gift ideas for your coworkers, all under 19 bucks! Forget the coffee mug or pen holder and stand out with a bit of attitude and humor. #careerpunk These items will be to sure get noticed and might even land you a “Thank You.” 😳

Disclosure:  The affiliate links below can result in a commission to CareerPunk (depending on purchase type, amount, timing, etc.) which helps keep the site alive. Your support is appreciated!

Adult Coloring Books

When life’s become overwhelming and you know your coworker could use a bit of levity and composure, these adult coloring books will be sure to hit the mark. I advocate for a community display of finished pieces to further reflect on one’s zen centering.

  1. Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book
  2. Make Life Your Bitch: Motivational adult coloring book. (Midnight Edition)
  3. People of Walmart.com Adult Coloring Book: Rolling Back Dignity
  4. 50 Shades Of Bullsh*t: Dark Edition: Swear Word Coloring Book

Delicious CrowdPleaser

When I first received the email from The Manly Man Company asking if I’d like to review their ‘beef bouquet,’ the HR bells began sounding. “How barely appropriate!” I thought. And then I replied, “Well yes. Of course.”

The name (and picture) really says it all. And what’s not to like about a freshly delivered arrangement of beef jerky? These meaty flowers come in three different flavors, Original, Hot, and Teriyaki. I received the Original, and while tasty, I’d recommend going with either of the other flavors for some savory variety. They also have chocolate bacon flowers too!

One of the reasons I like this suggestion as an office gift is that it’s fun for everyone. You’re not going to be able to pass by a desk with this ‘bouquet’ and NOT want to try it! While this recommendation is more expensive than the other $19 or less items on the list, the absurdity, the great taste, and the fun factor make this gift idea a sure-fire crowdpleaser.  

Adulting in the Workplace

Adulting is hard. Inside or out of the workplace, the constant requirement of being a grown up is exhausting. Show your empathy and understanding for the hardships of responsibility with these adulting-hack gifts.

  1. I Adulted!: Stickers for Grown-Ups
  2. The Grown-Ass Women’s Club: Be Awesome. Earn Badges.
  3. 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings: How to Get By Without Even Trying

Anger Management

Sometimes the best stress reliever is taking out all your frustration on an inanimate defenseless object. Only then can your superiority be truly acknowledged. Lucky for you these gifts fit the bill perfectly.

  1. Dammit Doll Classic (Pack of 12)
  2. Office Anger Management Boxing Glove Set
  3. eSmart Stress Sausage Anti Stress Toy

Desktop Proclamations

Nothing says “Back off, I’m busy.” like a sign on your desk that says “Back off, I’m busy!” Have fun being an ass with these desktop signage gifts.

  1. Moodycards
  2. Office Gift For Cat Lovers – Moodycards!
  3. Emoji Faces

Gadget Happy Hours

While these gifts may not be as risque‘ per se’, they still fill the gap of those gadget-happy coworkers that love to be well, gadget-happy. You know the ones, they tend to have an electric-everything, too many cord hubs, and a concealed nerf gun carry permit. Add to their joyously annoying collection with these gifts.

  1. Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy (Miniature Editions)
  2. Foot Hammock Foot Rest For Desks (and travel)
  3. That’s Bullshit Button
  4. LED Clock Fan with Real Time Display Function

Affirmative Actions

What’s better than reading a motivational affirmation? Reading them everyday WITHOUT all the self-help neediness attached! Gone are the days of inspiring wall posters that should’ve never been framed in the first place. Grab this deck of cards below and hand out affirmations to anyone in need.

  1. Affirmators! at Work: 50 Affirmation Cards – without the Self-Helpy-Ness!

What barely- or NOT-safe-for-work gifts have you given or received before?

Let us know in the comments below!

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