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The Top 10 Reasons You Suck At Work

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Let’s get right to it. Below are the top ten reasons why you suck at work!


10. You talk without listening.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, err… opportunity for which I can practice patience, it’s ‘engaging’ with non-listeners. These people come in a variety of types, and not all even that bad (most are though). If you’ve encountered any of the below you know exactly what I’m talking about. Do you:

  • Talk over people in conversation?
  • End convo’s without other perspectives?
  • Respond to commentary with irrelevant or off-topic dialogue?
  • Often, focus conversations on a personal agenda?
  • Give little to no cues of engagement? (how about eye-contact for starters!)
  • Long-winded, providing limited opportunity for others to participate?

Ugh, non-listeners really grind my gears! They are solo acts that will step on others to get want they want. If you are anywhere on that spectrum, you suck. And not just at work. Become a listener and see what the world unlocks for you. 😉


9. You are too concerned about how you compare to others.

Getting caught up with the Jones’ will leave you angsty and dissatisfied, at best. Bitter and broke, at worst. You are you and you cannot measure your worth by the standard of others. This is a common trait of those that often feel entitled and/or insecure. You have no idea what details you may be missing from another’s situation. Similarly, they may not apply to you, your background, expertise, work ethic, or opportunity. Tunnel vision works best in these scenarios,. Worrying and comparing yourself to others never gives positive returns.


8. You think you’re better than everyone.

Do you even realize it? If you do, you’re a tried and true assface. If you don’t, you’re sabotaging your work relationships without even realizing it!

  • If you display any non-listener traits, this may be you.
  • If you are dismissive of other’s ideas, this may be you.
  • If you are not a team player, this is definitely you.


7. Your personal life is dictating your work moods.

We’ve all been there. The bf/gf/spouse is being shitty sending you salty texts during the day, you lost your wallet and got into a fender-bender yesterday, the cat puked on your favorite sweater, there’s been a death in the family…. All of these things can send your brain swirling enticing you to lose focus on the work at hand minute by minute. When you just can’t deal, take the time you need to. Inform your boss and chalk it up to a personal day to get your head right. Bring anxious moods into the workplace only proliferates more of the same. And in some cases, can result in a complete break down. None of the above is conducive to a success work environment.


6. You waste time. 

Be honest. How much time do you spend each day on social media, Youtube, Buzzfeed, etc. etc.? Checking Facebook and Instagram, and even LinkedIn may be depleting your productivity. If you are easily distracted (and you know who you are), wasting time doesn’t even feel like wasting time! Why? Because you feel thoroughly cleaning your keyboard every week is a necessity of performance. Its not. Distractions in the work place come in various sizes, shapes, people, and requests. They may be stealing your momentum and certainly your focus. Hold your time at a premium.


5. You think complacency is ok.    

Sure, being complacent has its near-term appeal. But in the long run, you are doing yourself no favors. And if you been complacent in your work situation for any considerable time already, you’re likely robbing yourself of your own potential. Those that are afraid of change will usually secure themselves in the comfort of what they know. While this isn’t terrible, without pushing your limitations and taking on new challenges, your value as an employee sinks.


4. You make excuses for everything.

If you’re someone who’s always playing the victim, declaring how its never your fault, or constantly sharing how your “special” circumstances make you an exception… go f@*k yourself. Successful people don’t make excuses. They find solutions. Its just that simple.


3. You stop learning.

How does the saying go? “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” – Albert Einstein When you stop learning at work, you might as well have stopped caring about work. Not to be confused with feeling complacent, those that quit attempting to improve themselves, their colleagues, or their operations actively work against themselves and their coworker’s prosperity. That is the opposite of being a kickass employee.


2. You are negative.

This is one of the easiest ways to ruin your success and opportunity at work. Negatively impacts everything. It shrouds your reputation, turns your coworkers into enemies, drives down performance, and destroys morale. Negativity is also infectious, it spreads throughout a team as would-be happy employees begin complaining about the Negative Nancy/Nathan on the team. Engagement suffers and performance topples. There is a reason why positivity is a cornerstone in job descriptions and company mission statements, its because without it, you suck.


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  • Excellent advice for life not just work.

    marie October 3, 2018 2:29 pm Reply

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