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Leveraging the HOLIDAZE for Your Career Advancement

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Tis the freakin’ season…  Ugly sweaters, tides of yule, and your boss asking you to work while they take the holidays off, all staples of December at work. But this time of year doesn’t have to be in vein. In fact, these seasonal distractions can offer very real opportunities for you to advance your career. Take advantage of all the HOLIDAZE with these recommendations below:

Be Present 🎁

It is no surprise that people aim to spend their time away from work during the holidays. But that just means you have a greater opportunity to shine in their absence. When you find many of your team have disappeared, know that your visibility has immediately amplified. The first part a doing a job well (and getting promoted) is showing up. And now the show is yours to run. Take advantage!

Less people at work doesn’t necessarily mean there is less work to do. Seize this opportunity to show your stuff by completing outstanding work, helping out with your boss’ project, or simply by covering a coworker’s shift. Just make sure the boss is aware of how generous you are. 😉

End of the Year

The holidays present the perfect time to take a look back at the last year and reflect on all your wins. If you’ve been visualizing your data along the way, this is an easy task. What metrics have you improved month over month, year over year? Were there special projects that you took on or contributed to that provided value outside your job description? What made you different from everyone else on your team? Bottle up all these insights and answers and share them with your boss via a professional and upbeat email that captures your appreciation for having the opportunity and your ambition for taking on even more. A clear and succinct itemization of your year’s wins gives your boss the perfect template and case to make for your next promotion!

The New Year!

holidays career Ring in the new year with your work-related resolutions. That means making a list of your near and long term goals and how they can impact overall personal progress. Here you’ll want to show off your strategic ability by creating a vision for your or your team’s success. What are your company’s new year goals? How can you in your role directly contribute? Find ways to address that alignment and share them with your manager. Let them know you mean business by setting up milestones for success and hold them (and yourself) accountable by checking in at each one.

Team Player

‘Tis the season to be…. well, merry. And merry-maker you shall be. Being a team player means people will want to work with you. If you’re known as someone people want to work with, more people will want to do so. That makes you valuable. Amp up your teammate credibility by inducing some holiday morale. The following ideas are also great ways to network with colleagues you don’t often get to connect with. Slap on your smile and offer to coordinate some groups activities like a white elephant party or Secret Santa gift exchange. Bring in some badass cookies or celebrate with your punked-out holiday attire. Another crowd pleaser that demonstrates leadership is organizing a gift and/or greeting card from your team to your boss. Own it and deliver it and your coworkers will wish they had thought of it first.


career volunteerThe holidays are a time for giving and there are plenty of opportunities to help out. Search your local area to see how you can make an impact on someone else’s life. Volunteering is great anytime of the year but if you’re one of those “I’d love to volunteer, but I just don’t have the time.” kinda peeps, you do now! Spend those seasonal vacation hours supporting a friend, neighbor, or charity in need. Not only does this demonstrate to your employer that you’re the ‘go above and beyond’ type of person, but it is great to include on your resume as well. Hiring managers will appreciate your initiative, activism, and follow-through.

Are there other ways you’ve leveraged the holidays for your career advancement? Share in the comments below! 

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