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How To Turn CoWorkers Into Promoters

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One of the closest and most capable resources you have for actually getting promoted are your coworkers. Love ’em or hate ’em, your teammates can be a telling factor in many of your achievements, successes, AND failures. Sure everyone wants to be liked at work but how can that likeability translate into more dough in your bank account? By turning your coworkers into your promoters.

If you’re one of those shy types, who seek to avoid your coworkers, you may be missing out on a huge advantage in career growth. Outside of the water cooler talk, your colleagues can be great resources for feedback. You can leverage their perception and behavior to identify improvements of your own. You can also tap into their shared knowledge for your personal development. While these utilities should always be exercised (and offered back in return), there’s still another opportunity your coworkers can delivery on. And that is singing your praises to the powers that be. Be the person that people enjoy working with and more people will want to work with you. The more people you work with the more value you can provide and in turn share that value back.

The goal is not just about solving the problem but to also develop a genuine and productive dynamic with each of your coworkers so that they become of promoter of your relationship and its results. Every customer and coworker has the potential of becoming not just brand ambassador for your company but also YOU! In this article you will find the why, the what, and the how you can turn your coworkers into Promoters that are passionate about promoting you.

Why gaining your colleagues support is a game changer.

The support of your colleagues can be a force to reckon with. From their circle of influence, complimenting skill set, or even daily positivity, coworker support is as impactful as it is important. Collaboration in the workplace is all about bringing and sharing ideas together to achieve a goal and at the same time, building upon each other’s strengths. Consider how valuable teamwork is in every workplace.

  • Teamwork brings about unity can improve communication.
  • It provides varieties of perspective and feedback.
  • It offers improved productivity and efficiency.
  • It provides greater learning opportunities and promotes workplace synergy.
  • It expedites progress and lifts the productivity in one’s career.

Seek to inspire your peers to create loyal career advocates of them. Below are some effective tactics you can apply to turn them into promoters:

Demonstrate Integrity

Nobody wants to work with someone that can’t be trusted, someone who doesn’t keep his or her word is dangerous to any kind of relationship at all levels. If you really want your coworkers to become promoters they have to be confident in your integrity. That means, having their back when it counts. In success and in failure. Accountability and honesty goes along way and when it becomes ingrained in your reputation, your coworkers will respond in kind. Demonstrate a high level of integrity and others will become promoters.

Have A Consistent Social & Positive Attitude

Develop a consistency of being sociable and positive attitude. Negative attitudes naturally repel people from having anything to do with you. They can also destroy productivity in the workplace. Relate to everyone with a happy face, cheer up those who are moody, and take every opportunity to brighten up the workplace with your encouragement.

Champion Others

Be a promoter yourself! Offer a helping hand to everyone around you and watch as they pay it forward. And should you find yourself in league with a ‘taker’ instead of a ‘giver,’ set expectations and redirect your energy elsewhere. Championing your peers in their successes builds a camaraderie and confidence. Leadership qualities like this will gain you favor and trust as you put the needs of others before your own. Promoters will listen and follow you knowing that you can achieve the goals they will likely wish to be a part of.

Align Your Goals With Theirs

Those that seek the same results become united. If helping yourself ALSO means helping a coworker, both sides have an automatic buy-in. Create time to relate with each of your coworkers. Understanding what motivates them as well as potential end goals can help you define a synergetic path forward together. When their success depends on yours as well, coworkers become promoters.

Ask The Questions Other May Be Afraid To Ask

We’ve likely all sat in a meeting wanting to ask that seemingly dumb question, though never gaining the courage to do it. More often than not, others in the room usually have the same question! And what about the times when you see an obvious concern with the idea, task, or project before you, yet speaking up would mean directly challenging said taskmaster? We all appreciate those that speak what’s on our own minds and being able to ask the ‘tough‘ questions demonstrates leadership.

If you want that promotion, or even just a more focused and collaborative atmosphere at work, leverage your closest resources; your coworkers. By demonstrating your leadership and integrity, championing others, and setting a positive and sociable example, you can turn all your colleagues into promoters.

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