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Affirmation: Identity

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Vocalized self-reinforcement is a powerful tool, as is reflecting on how to action it. Kickstart your day/week/year by leveraging the power of positive thought and reprogram your brain for success with the following affirmation and questions.

My career is separate from my identity.

“I acknowledge there will be days I spend a great deal of time at work. I do this to ensure my quality and contributions are of the highest caliber. In doing so, I can secure my in the present, competitive job market.

Yet, even though my career is an important part of my life, it does not and will not define who I am. It is not my identity My career and my life are two separate entities.

I can easily separate my work life from my personal life.  I believe in a healthy work-life balance and I allow time for both. I am not duplicitous in the roles I play in and out of work but instead embrace the attitudes required for succeeding in both.

When I am on the clock, I give my employer 100% effort. Once that time is up, I indulge in the activities that make me happy.

I measure my status and worth through the choices I make, through my accomplishments, and through my attitude and personality.

My career choice is simply an interesting part of my life.

I am an individual that is defined by far more than a paycheck or timecard.

Today, I can choose to focus on non-work related aspects of my life if desired. My family and loved ones make me the person I am. My hobbies and interests are components of my personality. And my chosen career field is the way I maintain my quality of life, passionately and purposefully.”

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • Do I flaunt my career to gain notoriety or respect from others?
  • Have I allowed my career to consume too much of my personal time?
  • When I introduce myself, is my work the first thing I talk about?

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