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Productivity Like A Boss

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Does substandard employee productivity plague your organization? Do you depend on the motivation and commitment of your employees in your work? Whether you own, direct or manage a company, the following information is for you.

Productivity in the workplace is an essential factor in making an organization grow and reach its fullest potential. It facilitates tasks at a faster pace without having to sacrifice quality. By making the workforce as productive as possible, the organization will benefit. In other words, the output is greater than the input.

Employees are one of the most valuable items for an organization. Think about it. There’s an entire department dedicated to employees in most medium to large companies, Human Resources. Having employees engaged and motivated is the key to a strong and effective workforce. While some employees exercise their abilities to the fullest, regardless of the benefits, others need to be encouraged. When effectively processed, the result can be an increase in productivity and an increase in employee morale.

What Causes Low Productivity Among Your Employees?

It could be many things! Each employee is a human being, and the things that affect them negatively in the workplace are unique. They could be poorly matched to a job in which they don’t have the skills to be successful. It could be a poor work ethic, extreme job dissatisfaction, external issues creeping into the workplace, or difficulty with a poor manager. Hell, maybe they stole the company stapler and have been stressed out by the guilt! Whatever the factors may be, an organization must understand how to identify the root of employee behavior and how it relates to low productivity so that you can establish strategies to improve it.

So, How Can You Improve Productivity In Your Organization?

From mediating between two co-workers to setting a master schedule, an effective manager balances duties like a circus pro. You are the ring master and fortifier all in one. Here’s a few tips on how to increase productivity in the workplace:

  • Provide a framework for success. Your company has goals that lead the company to success. So does your department and so does your team. Likewise, employees must have goals that will lead them to success. Set clear, realistic and achievable goals, then encourage your team members to reach them.
  • Encouraging a team environment. It’s hard to be productive at a workplace where every man or woman is only in it for themselves. One of the best ways to increase productivity in the workplace is to create a team atmosphere. Implement team building exercises or even suggest regular work volunteering as part of a community project.
  • Put employee happiness on your radar. Happy workers are productive. It is that simple. One way to learn how happy employees are at work is to conduct a survey. Use the results to pinpoint trouble spots, and take steps to rectify or minimize them-you might be surprised at how maintaining a focus on employee happiness raises productivity in the workplace.
  • Avoid micromanagement. Workers have a hard time being productive if they’re required to deliver near-constant status updates or feel as if they’re being badgered to do a task. That doesn’t mean NOT managing. There is such a thing as “too hands-off.” Follow the tasks you delegate to team members enough to ensure accountability and support. Anything more may leave your team wishing they had some space.

Remember that your employees are the best part of your business. They are human, and sometimes they will have bad days. Remain positive and show the team a strong work ethic. They just may be inspired to follow in your footsteps.


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