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Put Some Respect On Your Name.

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In this day and age, respect is as fleeting as it is hoarded. ‘Errybody wants it, but few actually give it. Role models today, packaged in insta-sized wrapping, are mantled with ‘Influencer’ titles yet often little credential for it. From Paul Logan to PewDiePie, scandals abound and their influence mass marketed. Where have we gone wrong and how can we command our own respect when walking into a room? In the words of champion speller, Aretha Franklin, let’s find out what R-E-S-P-E-C-T means…

Respect is given and earned.

You can practice both everyday with the people with whom you interact. The actions you take make all the difference.

Use these ideas to command and receive the respect you know you deserve:

  • Conduct yourself in a respectable manner. Act in a manner that communicates to others that you should be taken seriously. Pretty self explanatory but if you act a fool, you’ll be taken as one. Consider your conduct and act with tact in all circumstances.
  • Sing Loud, Sing Proud. Act in a way that would make not just your parents proud of you, but also your closest friends. Integrity is key. Don’t be a hypocrite and don’t be an ass.
  • Until you become highly regarded (i.e. President of Humanity), respect must be earned. Read “earned” not asked for. If you need to verbally ask for respect from others, you’re either dealing with immaturity, or simply being immature yourself.
  • Follow the golden rule. Whoever has the gold, makes the rules. Treat others with respect and expect others to follow the same tone you set. Everyone has boundaries, identify and acknowledge them.
  • Grace is your middle name. If someone disrespects you, reciprocate with grace and kindness. Don’t escalate or aggravate. Be mature; walk away, sing a happy [punk rock] song in your head. In doing so, others will view you in a positive light and respond in your favor.
  • Start weeding. Some people are assholes. For those that think that they’re above any moral laws, do what they want, when they want and give little regard for the emotions of anyone else, they don’t need to be in your life. Make more room for those that matter. If you allow yourself to be treated unfairly by others, you’re broadcasting that it’s okay to treat you like a doormat.
  • Keep it cool and classy. Keep your calm in sticky situations. A calm and reserved demeanor in conversations will serve your interests better than lashing out in frustration. Speak positively about your friends and refuse to participate in gossiping. Your behavior is the cornerstone of commanding respect. Be aware of your actions and reactions, and think before you speak.
  • Be realistic. If you’re trying to be on equal footing with your elders or higher-ups in your company, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. It’s important to understand that there will always be a group of people are above you in a certain sense. And it’s necessary to treat them with respect.
  • There’s an unspoken rule in social and corporate ranking systems. The older you are, the more respect you deserve from society. The higher you are within the company, the more respect you command. Remember that one day you’ll reap these same benefits.
  • Achieve more. That’s right get off your butt and show and prove. If you’re promoted within your company for your high work ethic, or receive your PhD, your achievements warrant respect from others. Outstanding achievements are praised and respected.
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Honor ain’t dead. The easiest way to command respect from everyone around you is to be a person of honor. No shining armor needed. It’s all in your M.O. What is honorable? It’s being ethical, principled, right minded and full of integrity. Hold yourself and your actions to a high standard. If you want to be respected, command it from yourself first.

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