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How to Deal with Anxiety in the Workplace

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There is no doubt we live in a world of hustle and grind. Each day, we wake up, stare at the ceiling/news/alarm clock then motivate out of bed to start the loop of our daily routine. But at times this daily routine can be the cause of stress. It ain’t too surprising how this ultimately reduces our ability to not only perform at work but also how we feel about it.

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Being humans (assuming most of us are), we all likely strive to stand out in the various aspects of our lives. Nothing wrong with that of course but running after an endless road for success comes with some wear and tear. Success not only demands hard work but also smart work. An improper balance can leave you feeling depressed and anxious. Unsurprisingly many types of anxiety are observed at the workplace. Maybe you’re facing such right now or know someone who is. Below let’s identify some of the prominent types of workplace anxieties along with the ways of eradicating them completely:

Anxiety of being the best.

  • The Human mind is programmed in such a way that it encourages an individual to stand at his or her best. This can become a major cause of stress and anxiety because every individual wants to stand out in the eyes of his or her boss respectively. Its competitive. The simple way to avoid all this is to make sure that you work for your satisfaction and not merely for the recognition of it. Focus on the work YOU are doing, not on that of a teammate or colleague. Comparing yourself to others is a dangerously quick way of losing the ‘gratitude mindset’ and can send you into a ‘never good enough’ spiral. Take the pressure off yourself by ensuring being the best “you” is all that matters.

The stress of work.

  • Whether it be a project, task, expectation, or perhaps sheer volume, ‘work’ in and of itself can be a daunting cause of anxiety. We all hold a limited capacity of work we can handle and we should try not to challenge that over and over again without support or time to recharge. Performance and efficiency are at stake here as well as your own well being. The simple and easier-said-than-done solution to this problem is to ensure you work with complete passion whenever and however possible. If you’ve ever been passionate about doing something, then realized hours have suddenly flown by, you know exactly what i’m talking about.

Social Anxiety

  • Many of us face this type of anxiety not just in the workplace but also in life. It can be annoying at best and crippling at worst. Common remedies often involve avoiding situations all together, and thus opportunities as well. No doubt the workplace can be one of the most challenging environments when it comes to coping with social anxiety. Here are a couple of tactics to help overcome the dread.
    • Get to meetings early. Instead of being singled out as the last to arrive, blend in with the crowd and leverage other people to make the necessary small talk.
    • Preparation is key. If you have to speak in front of any number of people the task can be a nightmare even for CEO’s. Make sure you know your stuff. Prepare with practice, notes cards, research etc. and the stress will be much less when time to speak.
    • Structure your conversations. If speaking casually to a colleague or manager incites anxiety, try a more formal approach. Schedule appointments and/or meetings where you can intentionally be direct about your thoughts, requests, or commentary.

It may help to remember that you will need the assistance of others throughout your career in order to make the best of it. Small steps is all it takes to deal with and overcome workplace anxiety. Find the passion in the work that you do, focus on your work above others, and keep a mindset of a gratitude. Soon you’ll be building a newfound confidence and a solid network of support. Here’s to the best!

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