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Gratitude In The Time Of Work

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Sometimes routine can suck the joy out of work. It becomes a means to an end and a drag on your happiness. But being mindful of the things you are grateful for can alleviate those devil-thoughts and bring you back to zen. Gratitude in the face of frustration lessens the blow of failure and difficulty, all while reminding you ‘this too shall pass.’ Things aren’t as shitty as they may sometimes seem. See below for the things you forgot you’re grateful for.

Gratitude because…

  1. You have a job. The Unemployment Rate is at an all time low right now, meaning if you don’t have a job, it’s incredibly hard to get hired. Gratitude because of your opportunity to work when others are not as fortunate.
  2. Your colleagues. Sure some of them may suck, but not all of them. And if all of them DO suck, think about how awesome they’re making you look in comparison!
  3. Perks. While every company is different, you undoubtedly have a perk or two that others may not have. Maybe its the free coffee, the company-sponsored team building event, the extra holiday off, the relaxed dress code, the ability to work from home, the healthcare, the proximity to gym/grocery store/restaurant/etc., the short commute, the free post-it notes, etc. etc. Take nothing for granted.
  4. Learning. Everyday and every person offers a learning opportunity. The more you learn, the more you increase your value. The greater your value, the better you can leverage your path to success.
  5. Your maturity. Pat yourself on the back because you, my friend, are ‘adulting.’ You’re actually going to work and dressing yourself and paying the power bill with that hard earned money. Mom’s so proud.
  6. All the small things. Sometimes sending that email on time is the greatest thing that happens all day. Don’t minimize your successes and celebrate even the small wins. Your own morale with thank you.
  7. Leadership. Do you have a manager or mentor you look up to? Plenty of employees wander through the workforce without exposure to strong leaders and consequently never develop a complimenting skill set. If you’re lucky enough to have access to strong leadership, make sure they know you’re grateful.
  8. Motivational Posters. How would you know to ‘Hang In There’ if there wasn’t a cute kitten grasping dearly for its life while a sadistic human photographer watches in glee? And when not in poster-form, the motivation you gain from peers, management, or simply when discovering your purpose is a highly valuable commodity.
  9. Competitors. Your competition will push you and your company to stay relevant and innovative, always aiming to be better. Competition also indicates a healthy market, proving there is demand for your product or service.
  10. Customers. Without them, you have no job and no reason to be grateful for all of the above. Even when they can be a pain in the ass, your customers make it all possible.

Are there other ways you’ve embraced your gratitude for work? Knowing is just the first step. Expressing your gratitude makes it real. Leave a comment below and share all that things you’re grateful for at work too.

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