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Affirmational Hacks

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Positive reinforced inspiration can do wonders for the mind and soul. Recognition and repetition are the keys to building upon that momentum. From mantras, chants, or even that same damn song we hear on the radio all the time, the consistent recall of content, for better or worse, helps shape our brains. As such, and in a very real way, we become what we think about.

So start guiding your thoughts towards the affirmative. The one thing we look at constantly everyday is our [who-can-remember-life-before] cellphones. So leverage that existing habit to self-induce those jedi mind tricks for the better. Hack your motivation with these CareerPunk backgrounds for your mobile device. All three, personal quotes that’ve helped me get through my day for years. Enjoy.


careerpunk background wallpaper affirmation
Excuses are a commodity of zero value. If you’re in the business of making them, you will produce nothing and with a ton of overhead.
[easy_media_download url="https://careerpunk.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/cpwllpp.excuses.png" text="Download 'Excuses'" width="200" force_dl="1" color="red"]
career punk ios android background affirmation
Today I will do the things that others won’t, so tomorrow I can do the things that others can’t.
[easy_media_download url="https://careerpunk.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/cpwllpptoday1.png" text="Download 'I Will Do'" width="200" force_dl="1" color="red"]
affirmation, careerpunk motivation
Top performers accept that obstacles are apart of the process. Average performers think that obstacles mean the process is broken.
[easy_media_download url="https://careerpunk.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/cpwllpptoday1.png" text="Download 'Obstacles'" width="200" force_dl="1" color="red_dark"]

affirmation, and the next keyword is affirmation. One more for SEO affirmation.

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